Kitchen is a haven for people who love to cook and love new food creations but it can make your life a living nightmare as well. It can become a dangerous place as well. Because is like a land mind, there are sharp knives, hot stoves and ovens, boiling water, spices and slippery oils. One has to be very careful when going inside a kitchen. According to different hospitals records, there have been 3500 cases in one year in United States and 7000 plus cases were reported in UAE. Which included women and children at most times. Either women burn their clothes and skin or children pour boiling water or milk on them accidently leaving permanent marks on their body and a lesson for a lifetime.

In this article, you will learn tips or better yet remember the ways which you and your family can be safe from kitchen fails. First lesson is to clean the kitchen right after you are done cooking. Because when you cook, oil and different skins of vegetables or fruit drop on the floor which can cause slipperiness on the floor and people can fall or get injured badly. Other than things spilling on the floor, leaving oil or edible things on the floor can invite insects like; ants, cockroaches and even mosquitoes. Many foods have acidic fumes in them which can cause the fungus and bacteria to spread. And cleaning the kitchen before you sleep is a healthy habit too. Second thing to consider is that, you should test your smoke sensors every now and then. There are more than 150,000 cases of kitchen getting on fire and owners usually wake up after fire has been spread. And this happened because the smoke detectors were not working properly. When the next time you make small kitchen renovations make sure to hire an electrician who fixes and check your alarms are working properly.

Speaking of smoke and fire even if your smoke alarms are working you should keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen at all times. Because, if there is fire in the kitchen, how do you suppose to get water from the taps. And if you think that getting the water from the bathroom is a good idea, well, remember that kitchen has gas pipes as well and many other things which are flammable. If you are a family person with kids and the dog, make a fence before the kitchen high enough that your kids and the dog don’t come running in the kitchen. Click here now to get the latest insights on kitchen designs and remodeling concepts.