LASIK surgery in Dubai is considered are one of the most effective eye corrective procedures being offered to patients who have vision problems. The procedure is quite simple and straightforward, and most importantly, it is cost-effective.


But like any other procedures, patients would be aware of what they are getting into. If you are planning to go for a LASIK surgery in the future, better know these prep pointers:


  1. Understand the procedure


Like any other cosmetic and corrective procedure, LASIK surgery has its complications. Before you make a decision, be sure to understand what the procedure is all about. You need to know how it is done, what are the advantages, the risks, and the recovery period. Do not go for any procedure that you don’t have any idea or knowledge. Knowing about the treatment would give you the opportunity to make sound decisions and check whether this corrective surgery is right for you.


  1. Pick a specialist


Should you decide to pursue this procedure, the next step would be is to pick the best eye specialist in Dubai that would perform the procedure on you. This is the crucial part of the process. You need to be sure that you pick the right person for the job since he/she will be responsible for correcting your vision. He/she should have the skills, experience, and capacity to perform such operation. Deal with a licensed and credible eye specialist always.


  1. Go for a consultation


Once you pick an eye specialist that will handle your case, the next in the process would be the pre-treatment consultation. As much as possible, do not miss these appointments. The eye specialist would need first to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. He/she will also discuss with you the procedure, how it will go, and what are the things they need from you to ensure the success of the procedure. It will also give you the opportunity to express your expectations and clarify things that you do not understand.


  1. Know the treatment plan


After the lab test and eye exams, the eye specialist would be laying out the treatment plan to you. Take note of the procedure and what you need to do after. The post-op care is important to ensure the success of the procedure. Know the dos and don’ts and recovery tips.