Floodlights are high intensity, wide spectrum, artificial light that is used to illuminate broad fields and areas such as stage, sports ground or exterior of a building. Whereas, ex floodlights are used in the area where there is a risk of explosion. These lights are made especially to contain any explosion and minimized the damage.

Since these lights are used in a dangerous environment, it is necessary that they are designed and built according to the given standards. This will allow them to be used in an explosive and harmful environment. The technology used is advanced and designed on the parameters that will guarantee durability and proper functioning.

Industrial sectors have just begun the usage of ex floodlights. They have realized the importance and advantages of using ex floodlights. Here are a few benefits of ex floodlight.

Energy saving and cost-effective:

It helps in saving energy effectively and provides more and higher quality light. It requires less maintenance and has a longer life than normal lights. The plant cost is also less as the energy cost utilized is less.

Safer work atmosphere:

It provides better quality and directional light at low voltage and ensures that the illuminated objects are identified properly and easily. This ensures that the workplace has a safe environment.

Resistance to stress:

It is resistant to the ON/OFF cycle and has no light out for the security in the workspace. It even shows resistance to constant electrical fluctuations and intense mechanical stress.

Easier to handle and eco-friendly:

It is lighter in weight and volume than normal lights and is very easy to handle. Its biggest advantage is that it is environment-friendly and follows the standard of anti-light pollution.

Operate in an ever-changing environment:

It can also work in extreme temperatures and climates and has excellent heat dissipation. This makes it reliable and compatible to operate in an erratic environment as well.

Safe to use:

They are 100% recyclable. There are no substances that are harmful or hazardous to the environment such as mercury and are suitable for classified areas too.

Maximum and controlled output:

They guarantee an immediate supply of maximum output of light energy. They also provide electronic control of light output that is the dimming of the light.

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