When it comes to German automakers the name that comes up in our mind is BMW. They have succeeded and came from a long way. They have faced some historic dark moments and also have suffered from poor circumstances.

The main brains behind all the fame of this brand had a vision to offer premium quality product by which a customer can differentiate its attributes from their competitors.

But after all those experiences Volkswagen Dubai service and BMW service in Dubai made their place in today’s car market world. They provide and make one of the most premium vehicles. They have not only earned the rank of an idol or symbol actually they have proved it through decades to provide the exact same feel to their customers.

The Rapp motorenwerke, an airplane manufacturer made the name and fame by his struggle. Other two were Bayerische Flugzeugwerke and Automobilwerke Eisinach. BMW’s first product was an aircraft engine. The persons who found this brand were Franz, Carl and Camilo. BMW also had the representation of the name Bavarian Motor Works. They are the main holding company for Mini’s and Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

In the time of world war BMW suffered a lot from the circumstances they even get to the point where they were manufacturing only bicycles, frying pans and pots.

The first luxury Saloon BMW 501 was made after a long time since the war and it was a premium made from BMW but it took time to make the place in the market. The time was 1955 when BMW expanded their line of cars. At this time BMW were struggling and battling with their competitors like Volkswagen.

In 1962, BMW manufactured an eye-catching range of cars which makes the reputations of today. They launched compact, luxury sedans and coupes. The introduction of BMW 3 series, 5 Series and 7 series which is their best and premium. This occurred in 1972.

After offering such quality vehicles BMW went sky rocketing. There market and brand image became so consistent that they became a status symbol. Most of the celebrities, athletes, footballers prefer BMW because of their current reputation in the market. BMW launched their first ever electric based car BMW i3 (Hybrid) in 2013. In today’s world BMW is known because of their class, design, style, performance and technological advancements. Their log also has a meaning and representation of Bavarian flag which is checkers and around shaped icon was taken from Rapp.