Range rover is denoted as the most remarkable and modern style of SUV. It was introduced by the British Leyland. The origins of range rover came into being in 1951 and for straight 15 years the model had no such changes. In 1969 the first ever design of range rover which caught the eye had some outlook changes. After the launch in Paris the range rover series came as the game changer in the SUV category.

After receiving such response from the public, the range rover series became the boss of voyages in 1971. That journey took place across the America with the record of 28968 kilometers. 

In the starting times range rover was listed in the import of grey market vehicles but after that range rover started to sell their vehicles officially in US in 1993. When the design was made the range rover engineers never thought to put it in the category of luxurious SUV but in 1994 after the launch of their second generation which was Range Rover Classic (which had the comfy seats, and lavish interior, v8 engine). It became the standard for elite buyers. BMW caught an eye with the progress of range rover in the market so they purchase the whole group at that same time of year 1994. BMW took the ranger rover series to the next level of luxury with the premium design and outlook. BMW introduced the next generation which was totally distinct (The 3rd Generation of range rover). They replicated and shared some of the features from their BMW 7 series in this generation of range rover. This variant was specifically automatic and updated.

Around the time of 2008, Jaguar Land rover marked themselves under their holding company TATA motors. Their main vision was the production of land rovers (Range Rovers and Jaguars). With the duration of time Range rover became the most influential and most elite SUV around the world.

Range rover service center in Abu Dhabi introduced some other categories of their popular series the one is Range Rover Sport in 2004 and the luxury car service in Abu Dhabi is also popular. This marked the market as the most premium and bestselling vehicle for the company. Range rover introduced another model which was Range rover “Evoque” which was designed according to the modern world and had new technological features. This vehicle was a convertible and after the unveiling it became as popular as their other models.