Mounting an event is always a nerve-wracking job. Prior to the actual occasion, you need to prepare a number of things and make necessary arrangements. And this will be twice as hard if you don’t have an event checklist with you.

Experts in corporate events in Dubai say that a checklist serves as their bible when mounting an event. Although it may seem like a simple to-do list, this list is important to prevent possible event mishaps and issues that can hamper the event. Here are the most crucial things that should be part of your list:


  1. Event place or venue


Mounting an event would not be possible without a venue. The event venue is not just the place. Part of this list is the stage design and the technical equipment and specs that comes with it. You need to ensure that place can accommodate the equipment and your attendees. Be sure to consider all the factors related to this aspect of the event. It might need a separate checklist so you can breakdown all the determining factors.


  1. Catering


Food is an important part of the event. The food that you will serve to your guest or attendees could make or break your event. Although the caterer would be the ones responsible for this aspect, you still need to include this on your checklist. You need to ensure that the catering service that you choose will provide the right menu you agreed. Also, be sure to have extra food in case more guests will arrive.


  1. Event program


A free-flowing event may work in some cases, but not all the time. You need to have a program to mount the whole thing. An event program would serve as a guide for event organizers to know the chronological phasing or sequence of the event. Be sure to cover all the possible things that should be included on your event program but leave some room for changes and adjustments.


  1. Entertainment


Dead air is a common event mishap. There will be instances when nothing is happening. But it can also affect the vibe of the people. You can keep the positive and lively atmosphere going by providing entertainment to the attendees and guests. Having entertainment would also enable you to prepare for the next sequence of the event and give people more time to catch their breath as well.

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