In case you have ever thought about having a bulletproof car, it can be assumed that must have done after spending a lot of thinking. The truth is that armored cars of today are leaps and bounds better than what they used to do be a few decades back. You have all the reasons to look into buying an off the shelf armored car. If your budget is limited, you can and should look to have your car armored. Wait – is it possible? Well, it is very much possible and you will see that happening to your car once you have made your mind. In the meantime, you can sort other things out. Keep in mind that armoring will not happen in a few days. It requires some serious rework and your car will see some serious modifications. Chances are that the procedure will take more time than what you had initially calculated. It is true that getting an ordinary car armored is an option and may be an affordable one, which is why should look to have it. It is only natural that you will look for certain qualities in your car, and you will get the following surely:

Ballistic protection

A rugged, thick and highly versatile material is used to provide bulletproofing. Several sheets are added over the car at different areas that provide it the required protection. Adding custom protection to your car is a good way of keeping it protected from threats coming from outside. This adds ballistic protection and allows the car to resist threats like debris, bullet, stones, and other hazards. It is up to you to opt for a certain level of protection for your car.

Several categories

You can opt to give your car protection against a variety of threats. These can be anywhere between B4 to B7+ level, depending upon the type of protection you want. The B4 is what most customers look to get as it offers decent protection against 9mm bullets or equivalent threat. You can go for higher levels, but keep in mind that the higher you go, the more it will cost.

Complete security

Your custom bulletproof car is probably as secure as a fully armored car in many ways. You can enhance the security to the extent that you want to have in the car. This can be done by explaining your requirements to the car armoring company and they’ll incorporate it into your car.