It is best to take care of your skin every day and every night. Keeping it clean and moisturize is very important. Want to know how? Then see here! You have to let your skin breathe doesn’t matter if you are a busy person or whatever, it is like you have to eat food no matter what because you can not stay hungry for long. The skin is just like another person living with you like you have to give it food to keep it alive and beautiful.

Yes keeping skin healthy includes eating healthy food and keeping body hydrated. Eat as many vegetables, meat and fruits as possible but if you are a vegetarian then you should complete the need of proteins by eating fruits and vegetables that can give you enough protein. Broccoli has as much proteins as there are in meat, so yes you can fulfill the need of meat by eating just vegetables, you just should what to eat and how much.

You should keep your skin hydrated and moisturized so it can breathe, if you have dry skin then apply body creams for dry skin to keep it moisturized. You can also visit a skin specialist to know which products or type of a cream or skin product is good for your skin type. Apply a product on your skin in a small amount to see if it has any side effects or not and if it suits you well then you’ve got yourself a product that suits your skin and you can use it anytime.

People say it is best to apply a lotion on skin before going to bed. Because at night your skin has its own time to breathe and if you apply something good on it then your skin will feel much better. If you can not apply anything or don’t have that much time then remember remove anything you have applied on your face like makeup or foundation. And when you wash your face, use a clean towel and use it gently just tap on the face and same goes for the hands and other body parts.

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